Chesney’s 8kw Beaumont

Dolly enjoy the heat from Chesneys 8kw Beaumont stove


We are closing the business for the Christmas period on 19th December and will re-open on 4th January. We would love to thank everyone for making this year a fantastic year for us. Merry Christmas to everyone and have a prosperous New Year.

Many thanks from the Fireplace and Design team.

Rival Shop’s Shocking Install

These pictures are from a rival company’s effort and installing a stove. They are very cheap! But their costumers complain! And yes they do!

This is after we were asked to correct a rivals shop’s absolute shocking attempt at installing a stove. The customers were so happy and relieved that we were able to correct the work and they now have a safe fully functional stove.

Chesney’s Clandon Bollection


Bespoke living room designed by Paul and Janie Godfrey Directors of Fireplace and Design.

Increasing the height of the Chimney to improve the performance

Taking old damp render and also increasing the height of the chimney to improve the performance. Then re rendered ready to be painted.

Chimney sweeping in action

This is Adam sweeping a chimney and removing a birds nest before lining it.

NEW chimney sweep service

We are pleased to announce that Adam has now passed his chimney sweep examinations and is now a qualified Chimney sweep.


We offer a sweep for £55, a valet for £65 or a sweep and valet for £100. Our valet service which will make your stove look new again.

To find out more details or book your sweep and valet contact the showroom.

Telephone: 01702426067,